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Hearthstone Wild Tournament

„Wählt euren Champion“ für die World Championship präsentiert von T-​Mobile kehrt zurück. vor 4 Tagen · Zuschauerguide für die Hearthstone Masters. Flatch_ 3 12 EipokKruden 0 Flatch_ 3 11 jonaqec 3 Flyboi55 0 10 renojackson_hs 2 Flatch_ 3 9 cone 0 EipokKruden 3 8 Velken_Iakov 0. International Finals (the “Tournament(s)”). These Official Rules, in conjunction with the / Hearthstone Tournament Player. Handbook.

Hearthstone: Diese Decks und Ergebnisse des Wild Open 2020

Overwatch World Cup. Hearthstone Masters. StarCraft II WCS. World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Community-Turniere. Schließen. „Wählt euren Champion“ für die World Championship präsentiert von T-​Mobile kehrt zurück. vor 4 Tagen · Zuschauerguide für die Hearthstone Masters. Flatch_ 3 12 EipokKruden 0 Flatch_ 3 11 jonaqec 3 Flyboi55 0 10 renojackson_hs 2 Flatch_ 3 9 cone 0 EipokKruden 3 8 Velken_Iakov 0.

Hearthstone Wild Tournament Blizzard’s Matt Wyble talks Hearthstone eSports Video


Hearthstone Wild Tournament

The gentle crackling of the embers. The soft glow. The bacon-like smell of burning flesh. The bitter tears of enraged opponents as you top deck Fireball yet again.

Just like a bonfire on a crisp fall night, Secret Mage is the perfect deck to burn away your opponents in….

Vivid Spores. Healing Rain. Maelstrom Portal. Colossus of the Moon. Big Shaman is a mana-cheat deck in the same vein as Big Priest.

It aims to slow early aggression with a smorgasbord of removal spells and then summon high-cost minions far ahead of the mana curve, courtesy of Ancestor's Call, Muckmorpher, and Eureka!.

Once the Big Shaman develops a large minion or two, the opponent is on a clock to either kill the Big Shaman player or remove the minion before it gets enchanted with Ancestral Spirit or Vivid Spores.

Unfortunately, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire does not appear to have brought anything new to the archetype.

Most of the Shaman cards in the set are geared toward weapon and Totem-based decks. The only possible inclusion is Revolve, but Revolve is essentially a worse Devolve or Devolving Missiles.

With other archetypes gaining and Big Shaman staying the same, Big Shaman may not enjoy the faire festivities quite as much as its contemporaries.

While Big Shaman shares a similar struggle into Reno Priest as does Even Shaman, the other meta Shaman archetype, Even Shaman was fortunate enough to receive some support in the new set.

Sadly, Big Shaman will have to wait another four months for new toys, and it's in danger of being totally eclipsed by the revival of Big Priest.

With that being said, Big Priest can remove the Big Shaman board in turn with Psychic Scream, although some lists have started to cut Scream.

Besides having some upsides into other big decks, Big Shaman is also strong versus aggro and board-based decks like Aggro Druid, Odd Rogue, and Galakrond Warrior.

A bevy of healing, removal, and Taunts can be impossible to overcome for some of these decks lacking efficient answers to large minions cheated out early.

Big Shaman's greatest struggle comes against Reno decks, which can generate multiple transform effects and typically carry several single-target or full board removal effects.

With little expected to change in the archetype, we have chosen to feature Blutrane's Big Shaman list once more, as it provides a good base for any Big Shaman deck.

Volcano is able to deal with board states that Hagatha's Scheme cannot, such as an Odd Paladin board full of Divine Shielded minions or several tall minions from Discard Warlock.

Colossus of the Moon greatly improves your chances against slow decks like Odd Warrior, but the risk of summoning it versus aggro is usually not worth the inclusion.

Finally, while Devolving Missiles is often included in other versions of Big Shaman, it quite often ends up being overkill alongside the two Devolves.

And with so little card draw, you may end up bricking on a hand full of Transform effects with no worthwhile targets. Big Priest is an archetype that has existed in Wild for a very long time, ever since the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne.

This deck aims to cheat expensive minions into play by casting Shadow Essence as early as turn 4, followed by returning them to the battlefield repeatedly using cards like Resurrection and Eternal Servitude.

As Big Priest heads into the late game, spells like Lesser Diamond Spellstone and Mass Resurrection ensure that threats are consistently hitting the board.

In an effort to survive long enough to execute its game plan, the rest of the deck is filled with various cheap removal.

Spirit Lash and Breath of the Infinite help the Priest player deal with early aggression, with Mass Hysteria functioning as a catchall to dangerous boards.

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire has almost single-handedly revived the archetype, thanks to the addition of Blood of G'huun and Palm Reading.

The former is an amazing replacement to Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound, while the latter enables faster Shadow Essence and board-wipe spells.

Big Priest has seemingly made the revival that many Wild players hoped would never happen, as the archetype appears reinvigorated by inclusions from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.

Palm Reading and Blood of G'huun both help the deck in ways that make the archetype feel much like it did in the past. The main difference is that Blood of G'huun summons copies, allowing the Priest player to play a longer game with more resources.

Palm Reading is a cheap way to reduce the cost of cards in hand, allowing turn 4 or 5 Shadow Essence and giving players flashbacks to when Barnes was included in the deck.

Despite the new inclusions, Big Priest finds itself returning to a hostile metagame. Reno Priest and Darkglare Warlock still dominate the format, and Big Priest tends to be unfavored against both.

Quest Mage is more rare than in the past, but it still generally ends the game with little to no interaction from the Priest player.

Aside from the new inclusions, players are currently split between Scrapyard Colossus and Obsidian Statue in the deck.

Both fill a very similar role, and neither seems to affect the win rate drastically. Big Priest is back and fairly popular, but it is yet to be seen if it is just a passing fad.

For this Wild Meta Snapshot, we are featuring a list used by nhlnjfan1 to reach 8 Legend. Odd Warrior is an archetype that first came about during the Boomsday Expansion.

While Baku the Mooneater came out in Witchwood, the deck only was first established as a meta force because of the support of the Boomsday cards.

Since then, Odd Warrior has been always part of the meta, but usually as a Tier 2 or 3 deck. Hero Power to gain substantial amounts of Armor.

From there, players can use a host of spell-based removal, including Shield Slam, Reckless Flurry, Brawl, Plague of Wrath, or Bladestorm to deal with threats.

A Mech package is also often part of this plan, including cards like Eternium Rover and Zilliax. Boom, Mad Genius as a final value-oriented inclusion.

In the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion, Odd Warrior appears to have gotten no new useful cards. This is not all uncommon for Wild decks.

There was already experimentation with a Silas Darkmoon OTK combo when that card was made available before the expansion was released.

It turns out the combo is not ideal, as it is very difficult to get up to and stay at 30 Armor while also drawing quickly toward the Silas Darkmoon combo.

Odd Warrior has is weirdly positioned in this meta. Its strength comes from the large amount of defensive options it has at its possession.

Reckless Flurry, Brawl, and Bladestorm all are powerful board clears that beat up on aggressive decks, while the deck naturally gains Armor through its Hero Power.

The main weaknesses the deck are currently the control and combo matchups, where it struggles immensely. Currently, there are no new cards that Odd Warrior wants.

This combo, however, does not suit Odd Warrior because in the matchups that require Silas, it is almost impossible to pull the combo off.

What Odd Warrior needs is something to accrue value with overtime. Lorekeeper Polkelt. Reno Secret Mage, a fusion of Reno Mage and Secret Mage elements, is an old archetype that is new to the competitive scene.

While players had experimented with it in the past, it finally received the additional support it needed from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire to differentiate itself enough from its parent archetypes.

Typically, the key to a successful Reno archetype is having access to enough unique cards with overlapping effects, providing the deck with an adequate level of consistency.

Only being able to run one copy each of Secret Mage's strongest cards, like Mad Scientist, was usually not worth the singleton payoff cards like Zephrys the Great.

But the latest set has brought several new cards that fill the holes in Reno Secret Mage's arsenal. The problem with Aluneth in Reno Secret Mage was the inability play out your hand fast enough, leading to multiple cards milled and possibly dying in fatigue.

Reno Secret Mage also received a brand new secret, Rigged Faire Game, which provides even more card draw. Game Master provides a cheap and ongoing threat, while Inconspicuous Rider replaces the missing Mad Scientist.

Reno Secret Mage is one of a small handful of new archetypes that appear to be more than just a flavor of the week and are actually here to stay.

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire was kinder to Secret Mage than it was to most Wild archetypes, giving it several new toys to play with. Reno Secret Mage is much more proactive than Reno Mage, allowing the pilot to take the initiative against control decks.

The wider array of Secrets in Reno Secret Mage can lead to more difficult decisions for your opponent about what to play around. The archetype is also punished less hard by Secret tech cards than traditional Secret Mage is, due to having other win conditions like Jandice Barov.

With multiple powerful Legendaries at the top of the curve, we recommend considering Lorekeeper Polkelt in the featured list.

Reno Quest Mage is an archetype that looks to leverage Open the Waygate and its payoff, Time Warp, in order to assemble a game-winning extra-turns combo.

Akin to its sister deck, Quest Mage, Reno Quest Mage takes advantage of spell-generation effects to answer threats and present them while building to its deadly endgame.

However, due to the nature of the Highlander package, Reno Quest Mage is slightly more favorable into aggro because of Reno Jackson and Reno the Relicologist.

Kazakus and Zephrys, singleton mainstays, also provide additional Quest-completion ticks as well as their own toolbox of answers to whatever situation might arise in a game.

One thing is for certain: Reno Quest Mage is much more slow rolling in terms of completing the Quest than regular Quest Mage is. Not every archetype is able to have its cake and eat it too.

While C'Thun, the Shattered was theorized to help the archetype, in practice, it's much too slow rolling to be effective and efficient.

Most other Mage cards were focused on propping up other archetypes as well. Reno Quest Mage has always been quite a tight list, so new tools are unlikely to permeate into the deck unless they flat out powercreep previous staples.

Reno Quest Mage's days in the meta continue to run short even with a flood of new cards hitting the meta. Unfortunately, the lack of new support for Reno Quest Mage has continued to leave it floundering.

The archetype is still built upon a solid concept. However, in practice it's still a ways away from being what it once was and Madness at the Darkmoon Faire hasn't done it any favors.

If anything, this set was a step backwards for the archetype. All of the cool kids got new toys and Reno Quest Mage stuck where it is, a functional net negative.

The best decks are still the best decks so it could be worse for Reno Quest Mage. However, those best decks got better so the power gap increases.

During theorycrafting season, some brewers speculated that C'Thun the Shattered could make an impact in the archetype. However, in practice the concept is even slower to pull off than the window needed to clutch out wins.

The hoops one needs to jump through are just too lofty and inconvenient at times. Other cards like Deck of Lunacy take the random spell generation too far in a sense that you don't know what's going to happen at all.

Spell generation is needed to complete the quest but it's best done in a controlled setting. In the eyes of our experts, Photon's tried and true Reno Quest Mage list is still what players should be looking to if they want to pick up the archetype.

The fact that there are no new cards from the latest expansion also makes it an option for those with an existing collection but not a collection of the newest cards.

Reno Quest Mage's fate is on thin ice moving forward. However, the archetype is still seeing a bit of play and has some reasonable matchups when piloted well that our experts continue to have some trust in it getting the job done.

This deck had received new life during the Descent of Dragons expansion, with the card Risky Skipper. Skipper filled the hole that was missing in the archetype's game plan by allowing it to stay alive and draw cards much easier than before.

There are no new cards that help the deck more so than any of the cards already in it. A good example is Prize Vendor, a Murloc that draws each player a single card—which is strictly inferior to Coldlight Oracle, drawing each player two cards.

One might both in the deck, but at the moment, this is ill advised because it lowers the defense of the deck, and the deck can barely afford to run its win condition as it is now.

The deck already used Risky Skipper to gain Armor and draw through the deck. The deck has become very well refined at this point, and almost everything has been optimized based on Risky Skipper.

To become a part of the deck, something needs to either be a strict improvement or do something better what it does already.

Nothing in the newest expansion does this. The only two cards that were being considered were Prize Vendor and Minefield. Both of these cards help the deck in different ways.

Minefield is defensive, while Prize Vendor draws through the deck. The problem, however. Details for deck submission and other playoff rulings will be sent to qualified players closer to the tournament.

There will be no broadcast for the qualifiers or playoffs. To confirm eligibility or learn more about the tournament, check out the official rules.

The best-of-five single elimination Conquest bracket will be played with four decks, one ban, and open deck lists. Hey hey I know this topic is pretty buried but I noticed it says it runs until January 30th.

Does the 31st not count? You misunderstood my post, I never said this nerf is not necessary I said the moment of the nerf just before the tournament is a bit strange It would be more accurate to say that the high influx for large masses of Kingsbane rogues in standard ladder for a good couple weeks straight, combined with the ever present of the deck in wild since forever, was more of the nail in the coffin, not a comparatively small wild tourney.

When you're getting tons of complaints about a deck in BOTH formats that is often when a nerf will inevitably get issued.

The Wild community has been very vocal about nerfing the Kingsbane deck for at least a year, this was long overdue. Also, it's not unlike Blizzard to nerf something shortly before a tournament.

I mostly play wild, and is at legend rank. Mage Crafting Guide. Paladin Crafting Guide. Priest Crafting Guide. Rogue Crafting Guide. Shaman Crafting Guide.

Warlock Crafting Guide. Warrior Crafting Guide. Class Cards. Demon Hunter Cards. Druid Cards. Hunter Cards. Mage Cards. Paladin Cards. Priest Cards.

Rogue Cards. Shaman Cards. Warlock Cards. Warrior Cards. Trial by Felfire. Inquisitor Dakrel. Zixor, Apex Predator.

Kanrethad Prime. Burgrak Cruelchain. Felstorm Run. Mother Shahraz. Magtheridon Prime. Baduu Prime. Illidan Stormrage.

Doom Lord Kazzak. Gruul the Dragonkiller. Teron Gorefiend. Lady Vashj. Kael'thas Sunstrider. Galakrond's Awakening.

Reno Jackson. Skip to Content. Perhaps we need a tournament that embraces the chaos and randomness of Hearthstone. Written by James Pickard Published on Hearthstone is already a crazy game.

Babbling Books regularly pull Polymorphs.

Nevertheless, the odd Wild tournament has cropped up in the past, and just last week Blizzard announced that later this year they’ll be hosting the Hearthstone Wild Open: a global tournament Author: James Pickard. All Hearthstone tournaments. List of all future and past tournaments, schedule of events and matches Tournament Date Prize Pool; Hearthstone World Championship $, Battleriff Invitational 2: $1, Things are about to get Wild in the third-ever Hearthstone Wild Open because this year, the tournament is more accessible than ever. The online-only Wild Open will have qualification into playoffs via the Wild ranked ladder and boast a $30, prize pool split among the Top Eight.

Es ist bekannt, sondern auch die Demoversion der Spiele Hearthstone Wild Tournament, sowie das Hearthstone Wild Tournament der Live Casino Spiele! - Wild Combo Priest

Recruit Hunter. Hi, guys! We're running a new series of Hearthstone Wild tournaments for next few weeks. We're partnering with *Heart of the Wild* Hearthstone Facebo. Die Hearthstone Wild Open sind zurück! Hier findet ihr alle Details zum wildesten Turnier des Jahres. Overwatch World Cup. Hearthstone Masters. StarCraft II WCS. World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Community-Turniere. Schließen. „Wählt euren Champion“ für die World Championship präsentiert von T-​Mobile kehrt zurück. vor 4 Tagen · Zuschauerguide für die Hearthstone Masters.
Hearthstone Wild Tournament All current, upcoming and completed Hearthstone eSports events and tournaments. Information about tournaments, matches results and calendar. To get updates on all our future reports, consider joining our Discord server The Wild Side: Welcome to the Fifth Edition of Team WildSide’s Wild Meta Snapshot for ! We are teaming up with Hearthstone-Decks to provide you the most accurate Wild report possible. Tournament Formats All Open Division teams will clash throughout up to nine weeks of regular season swiss matches to clinch a spot in the double-elimination regional playoff. Unlike in previous seasons, teams will now sign up to play in one of two divisions, Eastern or Western, based on the location of their school. Things are about to get Wild in the third-ever Hearthstone Wild Open because this year, the tournament is more accessible than ever. The online-only Wild Open will have qualification into playoffs via the Wild ranked ladder and boast a $30, prize pool split among the Top Eight. Want to try your hand?. The Wild format, or simply Wild, is one of Hearthstone 's two game formats, the other being Standard format. Wild format appears in game modes in which players are allowed to play decks without the deck restrictions of Standard format, allowing the use of cards from any card set. From Hearthstone Wiki. Student Eligibility In Dfb Pokal Png to compete in the Varsity Series, players must: Be a legal resident, or legal temporary resident, of the United States or Canada Be above the age of majority in their respective state or province Be enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited university or college Be in good standing according to their university's Comeon Casino For any non-varsity competition, we only require half-time enrollment or higher. There will be some qualifiers who just bring Pirate Warrior, or Egg Druid, or any of the other decks sitting at the top of the Wild meta. The varsity regular season will be played in a round robin format. Crushing opponents nicht ladder and tournament play, recruit hunter is one of the more Spiel Des Lebens Pc innovations to emerge from the witchwood meta. Die Registrierung ist jetzt abgeschlossen. Details Hi, guys! Using Card Rankings. Ideally, Prismatic Lens is found and played on curve, and a much cheaper-than-normal Tip the Scales is cast soon after, summoning all Murlocs in your deck. Frost Lich Jaina also has a Hearthstone Wild Tournament effect. This is the leech poison nerf cause. If that isn't enough to get the job done, you can bring them all back to life Jackpot City Mobile Casino Anyfin Can Happen. I never watched hearthstone tournaments and these kind of things, I don't know how it's going here. Anything that employs cost reduction and targeted draw is always worth consideration, and these two spells are definitely worth their weight in slots in the deck as well as in their measly Colmans Senf cost! Make sure to scroll down to read the latest discussion on the deck's current role in the meta. Stiltstepper Taxi Bad Harzburg Relentless Pursuit offer even more burn and tempo to the archetype, with Stiltstepper providing cycle as well. Some players have talked about the possible inclusion of Solar Eclipse, but that card has yet to see any tangible Real Madrid Vs Paris Saint Germain.
Hearthstone Wild Tournament


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